A Solution for Tracking Brass Keys

The Keys App was my first major project that sought to solve a problem with managing key checkouts without requiring a cumbersome customer database / sign up form. This would target an institution that mostly catered to internal customers, such as a university's AV department and it's instructors. It largely replicates a paper-form-based system, with an added layer of data validation and control (emails, phone numbers must be in a valid format; keys can only be returned by their original owners; keys can't be checked out twice; etc.). Each checkout and check-in is recorded and tracked. All changes in the database leave a history.

This project was built entirely upon Django, with some Bootstrap for front-end styling. The app runs as a multi-part form with several steps and each is validated before progress is allowed. The backend leverages the built-in Django admin console and allows navigating and editing all records in the system, while also maintaining data integrity.


The Keys App is a full stack project built with

  • Python/Django
  • PostgreSQL
  • Bootstrap
  • FontAwesome

Database Schema

[To come]


Hosted on Heroku: