A Solution for Tracking Repair Tasks

Repair Task Tracker

RTT is a full stack app that addresses the needs of a computer hardware management process, allowing the tracking and resolution of issues/problems with the hardware, as well as the configuration and components of each major hardware item. RTT is meant to be a back-of-house tool, replacing paper tickets and spreadsheets. The goal of this project was to implement a GraphQL app, with useful data, allowing a seamless user experience as they operate through the app, and data is downloaded and uploaded in the background.

Developement Status

This project is ongoing development. Progress details are in the project readme.


RTT is a single-page-app built in Vue.js and served from a Python/Django server running within a Heroku dyno (server instance). The data records are stored in a PostgreSQL database, retrieved with a GraphQL implementation using Apollo and Graphene.


The backend database schema has been completed; the frontend is still under development. The latest snapshot is live on heroku.