Raspberry Pi HDMI Overscan

Getting settings right for a Rappberry Pi outputting to a 4k display (and others)

I had a problem when I moved my Raspberry Pi over to using a 4K display, which is just about the only resolution that professional displays come in these days, as manufacturers have all moved on to 4K as a standard. The problem was with overscanning and the display not having the ability to correctly scale the image signal coming from the Raspberry Pi, which was still a 1920x1080 signal. [Read More]

Bad Coffee

A silly complaint

I woke up late today, so I didn't have time to make coffee. And instead of going to my usual place where I know there's going to be great coffee available, I decided to get a doughnut and some coffee from the doughnut shop. The first warning that this wasn't going to go well was when I got my travel mug back and there was coffee all over the outside of the mug. [Read More]
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