Raspberry Pi HDMI Overscan

Getting settings right for a Rappberry Pi outputting to a 4k display (and others)

I had a problem when I moved my Raspberry Pi over to using a 4K display, which is just about the only resolution that professional displays come in these days, as manufacturers have all moved on to 4K as a standard. The problem was with overscanning and the display not having the ability to correctly scale the image signal coming from the Raspberry Pi, which was still a 1920x1080 signal. [Read More]

Docker-Balena-Electron-Raspberry Pi Digital Signage

Building an Environment to Develop and Run an Electron App on a Raspberry Pi 3

Fair warning: This is a work in progress, and I'm still working out the details for this project. Github Repository I have started to work on getting a digital signage solution set up where I can set up a Raspberry Pi3 to display information on a screen, and that has no local interaction (no UI, running headless without any keyboard/mouse). I wanted a solution to control updates to the app, which is where BalenaCloud comes in (along with their handy OS for the Raspberry Pi). [Read More]