Raspberry Pi HDMI Overscan

Getting settings right for a Rappberry Pi outputting to a 4k display (and others)

I had a problem when I moved my Raspberry Pi over to using a 4K display, which is just about the only resolution that professional displays come in these days, as manufacturers have all moved on to 4K as a standard. The problem was with overscanning and the display not having the ability to correctly scale the image signal coming from the Raspberry Pi, which was still a 1920x1080 signal. [Read More]

Hugo Gotchas

Gotchas In order of the issue being found: Is Strange (Hugo) (Template Logic) Hugo templates use strange logic - for conditional statements, Hugo uses Polish or prefix notation for the operators. This meas that instead of writing if this and that, you have to write if and this that. For more complex arrangements of logical conditions, say for a situation in which you need to check three conditions, you have to write it as: if and (first) ( and (second) (third)) which, in a infix notation style, would have been written if first and second and third. [Read More]
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