File Paths in Node

How Path Resolution Can Be Confusing

This week I had an interesting discussion with another new developer who was getting started working on an Express-based project and was frustrated by their static files working one day, and seemingly without provocation, not working the next. I knew from experiencing the same feeling when dealing with static files both in Django and Express that a static file loading problem is difficult to resolve, and how often the problem is often a simple one that is nonetheless opaque to a new developer unfamiliar with file systems and path resolution. [Read More]

Exercise Tracker Full-Stack App

Free Code Camp (v2) APIs Challenge 4

This project involved setting up a couple MongoDB collections and then building a responsive frontend for user interaction. This app allows adding users by name, then using that user's ID to add activities. The API allows for querying for user activities by user ID as well.

The UI uses a pug template and bootstrap for most styling, and some custom css rules to fine tune elements.

This was actually the first project that I completed out of the new Free Code Camp curriculum, and replaced the previous Google Image Search Abstraction project that I had already completed previously.

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