New Static Site with Hugo

Built a new site, leaving Jekyll for Hugo, for my page.


Moved all my old Jekyll files to a new subdirectory in order to maintain access to the old code and posts, and then transition all the content over to the main Hugo site as settings come together. One major advantage of Hugo is that the build process is super fast, so I've been looking at how to integrate CircleCI with Hugo builds. Fortunately the CircleCI engineering blog has a post on how to get set up doing automated builds via CircleCI.


One of the caveats of using Github Pages for hosting my static content is that I have to have the site content in the master branch. I had already branched my project to start working with Hugo to the hugo branch, with the intent that this branch would eventually merge back with master. After reading a bit more about how Hugo works, it seems that the hugo branch is going to be a permanent feature, with master being overwritten with the content of the /public output from the Hugo build process. The hugo branch will remain indefinitely as the new default branch on the site repository.

On the other hand, this will work out fine, as it will let me ser CircleCI up to pull the current hugo branch when updated, and then upon successful build, will be able to push the resulting build back up to the repository's master branch. This automated build process is perfect for what I'm hoping to achieve, and will let me get more experience with CircleCI, which I haven't touched in months!

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